Market Success Stories: Ohio City Pasta

Ohio City Pasta is a mainstay in the burgeoning Cleveland food scene, known for its handmade pastas and artisanal sauces, which are all- natural and made with care. What started as their mainstay booth at West Side market has now expanded to over 5 states and countless other farmers’ markets.

Ohio City Pasta was founded in 1990 by Gary Thomas, who just wanted to help other businesses who didn’t have the time, experience, or machinery to create their own fresh pasta. What they lacked, Gary had. He started producing pasta for local businesses, and eventually started selling at the unequalled West Side Market in Cleveland Ohio.

Ohio City Pasta is known for more than just pasta. They have an extensive array of fresh ravioli, all natural sauces, pesto, flavored butters, and more. They’ve sourced the finest flours and freshest spices available to produce some of the best Italian classics around. Gnocchi and tortellini are also popular items.

More than 20 years later, Ohio City Pasta has exploded. While still showing up week after week at West Side Market, they’ve amassed quite a fan base that could not be contained to a single shop. Top chefs have sung their praise and caused their audience to grow. You can now find OCP in grocery stores in Northeast Ohio, as well as a huge array of farmers’ markets.

They’ve listened to chefs and customers throughout the years on which farmers’ markets to exhibit their goods, and are currently visiting 21 different seasonal markets. Even some of your favorite restaurants may be serving Ohio City Pasta through their new distribution center.

Ohio City Pasta is another success story that started locally through farmers’ markets and small shops to make it big. Though unlike others, they have not forgotten their roots and continue to sell at markets across Ohio, as they expand even further.

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